10 Virtual Ways to Find New Clients

A steady flow of clients introduced into your practice is essential to the health and success of your business and makes running a business sustainable in the long term. Whether working exclusively with clients virtually or practicing in person (or perhaps a combination of both), the online space provides endless opportunities to attract your ideal clients and introduce new paying clients into your business.

Although there are many opportunities to find new clients virtually, you may feel overwhelmed by where and how to do so and may wonder which strategies are most relevant to health and wellness professionals.

In this post, we’ll help you navigate the ever-changing online space by sharing 10 virtual ways to find new clients:

1. Clubhouse

Clubhouse refers to itself as a “social audio app”, a platform where you can listen in or share your thoughts. Think of it like live podcasting where you can showcase your expertise, collaborate with colleagues and engage with your community in real-time. Consider your listeners, such as those who take the time to join your room and listen to your talks, or prospective clients that have expressed interest in the information you’re sharing. Clubhouse is an app available for iOS and Android users.

2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great opportunity to provide tremendous value to your community. Providing upfront value to your clients allows them to get an idea of the type of transformation you’ll be able to provide to paying clients. Additionally, the opportunity for prospective clients to get a sense of the type of supportive and engaging community you can foster will help them stay accountable as they work toward their goals with you.

3. Instagram

Instagram has recently referred to itself as a video-sharing platform. While photos are not going away, video content is helping users reach new audiences and attract new clients into their businesses. There are a variety of formats to share content and engage with your community on Instagram, including Stories, IGTV, Reels, and short 60 second (or less) videos directly on your feed.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to attract prospective clients through beautiful or informative visuals and eye-catching titles and taglines. Pinterest can act similarly to a search engine, bringing up results that are visually engaging and directing people to your website to fully access the content. Navigating them back to your website via your content on Pinterest is a great way to funnel your audience to learn more about you and what you do, knowing they’ve expressed initial interest in what they’ve seen on Pinterest. Consider adding content such as blog posts, recipes, or other visually engaging content to Pinterest.

5. Your Website

Your website is likely the best place to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you can serve clients. You’ll have full creative control over how your information is displayed and be able to really share with people exactly what it means to work together with you. Consider adding social proof such as testimonials that you can collect via an automated form in Practice Better or using a booking widget directly to your services in Practice Better.

6. Podcasts

If you’re looking to introduce an accessible, convenient way to reach prospective clients, podcasts are a fantastic way to connect with your community and provide value that can be received on the go. Whether you start your own podcast or seek out opportunities to speak on someone else’s podcast, they can be a great way to reach new audiences by establishing a listener base that benefits from the informative and entertaining audio information you provide. As a guest on someone else’s podcast, you are gaining exposure to a whole new community that likely will take interest in who you are and what you have to say if you’ve been intentionally selected to be featured as a guest.

7. Guest Write Blog Posts

Finding opportunities to provide written content for other people’s websites or blogs is a fantastic way to leverage another’s audience. Look to find others that compliment what you do and offer as they will likely have an established community that will take interest or will benefit from what you can provide them.

8. Meet Up

If you would like to bring people together over a common topic or theme from virtual to in-person, Meet Up may be worth considering. Meet Up provides an opportunity for people to gather in real life over common interests. People can select what they are interested in upon signing up and be notified of events in their area that align with what they are into. As the host, you can determine the topic and other event details and meet up with a group that is already vetted to be interested in what you do.

9. YouTube

YouTube is fantastic for engaging with your community as video content can really grab a hold of one’s attention. This can be a great place to provide a personal, informative touchpoint with your community, which can lead to establishing a great rapport with your viewership. YouTube allows you to provide plenty of links in the video description where you can provide the next step or call to action to funnel prospective clients into your business.

10. Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform where readers can find topics of interest. Choosing to utilize Medium as the place to house your written content opens you up to a much broader audience and larger readership, introducing you as the expert behind your topic. Articles can be picked up and promoted by Medium, helping you market to new readers, drawing awareness to who you are and what you have to say.

With so many opportunities and places to showcase your expertise and market your services online, know that it’s not necessary to be on all platforms. Knowing your ideal client and where they spend time online will help you determine where to focus on finding new clients virtually. When you do determine where to have a presence, providing upfront value will give prospective clients insight into the type of health transformation and experience you provide. Sharing your knowledge and what you offer consistently, no matter which platform, will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and regularly bring new clients into your business.


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