Analyzing Journal Entries

The Journal Analysis feature gives you a comprehensive view of your client’s logged journal entries. In the Analysis section, journal data (activity, nutrient intake, measurements, sleep, calories, and more!) is translated into a graph to help you visualize your client’s journey to better health. Your client’s struggles, successes, and overarching progress are accessible to you in a visual, and readable format.

Comparing sleep duration with water intake, activity duration, and activity distance

This data can reveal patterns of behavior, problem areas, signs of progress and can help keep you involved with your client to know when to intervene. Having your client’s journal entries displayed in such a manner will also help you see your client’s health concerns and goals, in a broader context. This knowledge will translate to a better understanding of each client’s individual needs and assist you in making better decisions when it comes to your treatment plan, strategy, and ultimately, contribute to your client’s success.

A thorough study of your client’s journal entries over a period of time can have a significant impact on your client-specific nutrient and lifestyle targets, supplement, food, and lifestyle recommendations in protocols, booking frequencies, client engagement, and the overall effectiveness of your guidance and support.

Our predefined reports will allow you to compare data points such as consumed food versus a food target, foods high in a specific nutrient during particular meal times, sleep time versus awake time, and you can even customize comparison with up to four metrics in a given period of time.

Comparing food entries with food targets

If you think your clients will benefit from viewing their progress in the same graphic and visual manner, you can enable their access to the Analysis section as well. In this way, you’re allowing your client to view their own progress, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and can refer to the Analysis section as a tool for self-awareness and accountability.

Enabling Journal Analysis for clients in portal preferences

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