Creating a Remarkable Client Experience

We know that ensuring your client has an amazing experience working with you is likely always something top of mind! That’s why we had Claire Cooper-Bodtke, Practice Implementation Expert, join us to share how you can create a remarkable client experience. In the video below, she walks you through a client journey map and shares tangible, simple strategies to help you elevate your client’s experience, ultimately allowing you to serve them at the highest level.

What We Covered

  • How to facilitate a remarkable client experience before you even start working with your client

  • The breakdown of a client journey map and how to elevate the client experience at each stage using systems and technology

  • The importance of educating and empowering your client throughout their journey to increase compliance and achieve the best possible health outcomes

  • And much more!

Implement Claire’s Strategies in Practice Better

As part of the client journey, Claire shares the importance of pre-educational content in setting your client up for success. This is content shared with your client before you start working together that addresses common questions and sets the stage for how you will be working together.

In Practice Better, you can add your own client portal welcome video that your client will see upon first entering the portal. This is a great opportunity to outline what they can expect when working with you and address frequently asked questions.

Customizing your session confirmation email is also an easy way to let clients know what to expect and share additional pertinent information.

If you are utilizing Practice Better’s programs, consider adding a welcome module that your client has access to as soon as they sign up. Here you can share your pre-educational content in text format, as well as include any videos, documents, forms, or tasks.

Better Business Conversations with Claire Cooper-Bodtke

Each month, our Business Success Coaches, host an interactive BBC YouTube Live, bridging together expert advice and Practice Better technology. Take a moment to watch the session with Claire below

Video Duration: 50 minutes

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About Claire

Claire Cooper-Bodtke is a Practice Implementation Expert who has been working in the functional medicine world for 15 years. She is passionate about creating systems that work!

Connect with Claire: | @wearemedicava

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