Evergreen Programs To Streamline Your Coaching

As you may already know, Evergreen programs allow you to share your knowledge and expertise in an efficient and comprehensive way. Unlike traditional fixed-date programs, an Evergreen program has a flexible start date which enables modules to unlock based on your clients’ individual enrollment dates. Practice Better’s Evergreen programs will allow you to schedule and automate your content delivery (such as text, videos, images, and audio files) taking this task off your plate entirely. While Evergreen programs can be a fantastic way to reach a larger audience, we want to discuss how they can also streamline your coaching for your one-on-one clients as well as for your entire client base.

How Will Evergreen Programs Benefit You and Your Clients?

Have you ever felt like a broken record? If you find yourself constantly sharing the same information with client after client or you want to easily share important information with all of your existing clients, consider creating an Evergreen program. Creating a complimentary program that supports the work you do in your one-on-one sessions in a hands-off manner can be the game-changer you’re looking for.

An Evergreen program gives you the ability to house all of the educational resources you typically share with clients in an organized and streamlined fashion. You likely have common topics that you cover with all clients that are the foundation to the other work you do together, for example, the importance of water, or the impact of sleep on your health. Why repeat the same thing over and over with each client, when you can consolidate this important information in one place and automate it? Automating this piece of your practice can save you an incredible amount of time, leaving you more time and energy to make your one-on-one sessions more productive and meaningful. Your clients’ experience is also greatly enhanced by streamlining the sharing of resources, because they always know where to find the information provided in each module, and can come back to it any time.

When building your Evergreen program, you automate your module release dates based on your client’s enrollment date so that once registered, the entire program delivery is taken care of. This also gives you the flexibility to structure the pace of your content delivery to support the typical appointment frequency you recommend to your clients.

Scheduling your module availability based on your client’s enrollment date.

If you haven’t worked with Practice Better programs before, it is important to highlight that you will be able to share your knowledge with clients in multiple ways. You can customize your program by adding recorded lessons, videos, written material, attachments such as educational handouts, worksheets, and images to support clients to the fullest.

In addition to automating the education on commonly tackled topics, you can further support clients by including tasks that are related to each module as well as set reminders and due dates to keep clients accountable. To keep track of your client’s progress, consider leveraging the ability to link Forms to your module by creating a check-in progress form that your client will be asked to complete along with the other module tasks. All this information will be accessible to your clients from their Client Portal and they will be able to continue to reference your knowledge and resources at any time.

Adding content to your modules. To learn more click here!

Evergreen programs not only give you the ability to streamline potentially repetitive aspects of your practice and save a lot of time but result in higher-level client experience. There is huge value to be had when you have all of your educational resources and content ready to go to keep your clients engaged in the coaching process. There is no more back and forth sharing information and no more wondering on both the practitioner and client-side where to find key resources. It’s all organized in one place and is automatically delivered to your client in a customized cadence that fits your workflow.


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