Feature Highlight: Conditional Flows

As you know, forms are an important piece to working with clients but it’s not always enough to just create a form. You should also create your forms with your clients in mind.

Everything you put out is a representation of you and what working with you will be like. When building a form, ask yourself a few questions to understand your client’s experience. Will they be overwhelmed by all the information you’re asking for? Can your form be broken up into different sections? Are you showing them sections that aren’t relevant to them?

This month, we want to highlight a feature that can make one of our most loved features (forms) even more effective. This is especially true with longer forms such as an Intake Questionnaire where you’re trying to collect as much information as possible so you can do your job. Conditional flows allow you to show clients what they need to see when they need to see it and allow them to skip entire sections of questions that aren’t relevant to why they’re coming to work with you.

Conditional Flows give you the flexibility to show and hide specific questions based on a user’s answer to a question in your form. Conditional Flows can be triggered by the following Yes/No questions, Multiple Choice questions, Checkboxes questions, or Personal Information sections with a Gender question.

The benefits of using conditional flows go beyond the client experience. They can also help you get more accurate responses, especially in cases where clients are trying to speed through your form because they’re seeing questions that don’t pertain to them. For example, male clients who have to scroll through pages of questions specific to female clients or clients needing to answer questions about frequency and type of alcohol consumed if they don’t drink alcohol.

If you don’t already have conditional flows built into your forms, there’s no need to completely rebuild them. Conditional flows are easy to insert into any Practice Better form in a matter of minutes.

Learn more about using conditional flows in your forms here.

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