Form Response Summary Report

Reports & Analytics are here! We have released a new feature that will allow you to generate reports for the most crucial aspects of your practice.

With the help of Practice Better reports, you will be able to extract and deduce the information you need to better understand your business performance, practice needs, as well as the needs of your clientele. This invaluable data will also arm you with the information you need to create actionable goals to scale your business and enhance your client relationships.

Here are the current reports that are available to you:

  • Session History – view all sessions scheduled for a given period.
  • No-shows & Cancellations – view all no-shows and/or cancellations within a given period.
  • Session Recall – view all clients who have not booked since a given date.
  • Package History – view all packages booked within a given period.
  • Active Packages – view all packages which have sessions remaining.
  • Payment History – view all payments made within a given period.
  • Pending Forms – view all forms which have not been completed.
  • Form Response Summary (Starter plan or higher) – view all client responses to a given form.
  • Unsigned & Incomplete Notes – view all in-progress, completed, and signed session notes.

As you can see, we’ve added some fundamental reporting abilities which include bookings, packages, and payments that can help you improve your internal management systems, processes, and set realistic goals to grow your business.

Our Form Response Summary Report will allow you to view client responses in a comprehensive manner. This tangible information will help you understand and better assist your clients which in turn, will only improve your business performance in the long run.

Run our Form Response Summary to view form answers.

You’ll be able to generate reports on any forms that you have created in Practice Better to gain a clearer awareness of your client base. You are also able to view a complete list of form answers from a specific form or use the reporting filters to hone in on form answers from a particular date or client cohort for further efficiency:

Use our report filters to get the exact information that you need.

Run your report and view form responses in a streamlined and easy to digest format and use this information to better comprehend your client base. Viewing your form responses in this new way will empower you to amplify (or optimize) the support and knowledge that you provide your clients that is based on real client feedback and statistics. Perhaps you are planning your next online group program and sent out a form to collect feedback from clients and prospective clients on their current health goals or biggest challenges. Utilizing the Form Response Summary Report will allow you to easily see common themes among the responses you receive, informing your program planning.

Responses to certain question types may include an accompanying chart or word cloud.

You can also click on the expand/collapse button in the top-right corner of each question to view and filter responses:

Short answer responses will also be clearly displayed in word clouds.

View the of short answer responses from the Form Summary Report.

Depending on your form and form questions, this data can also help you determine the strongest and weakest aspects of your business and this will help you make important choices when it comes to scaling and optimizing your practice:

View of Checkbox question responses from the Form Summary Report.

Take your reporting and analytics to the next level by saving and exporting your reports to compare results by time periods, client groups (Tags), or team members to extract statistics on your business goals and progress.

Practice Better’s reporting features can add some seriously impactful insight to help improve your business strategies and client success. The priceless information that can be extracted from the new reporting and analytics tools can help you optimize business processes, envision a new business strategy, and provide meaningful statistics to help you assist your clients to reach their personal health goals with trust and confidence.


Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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