How Big of an Audience You Need for a 5 Figure Launch

Group programs and courses are a fantastic way of working with more than one client at a time and pave the way for scalability in your business. While the scalability potential that comes with programs is essentially limitless, it comes with a lot of work to create new programs for your community and clients. How can you be strategic with the program launch to ensure the time spent on content creation efforts pay off and allows you to maximize the earning potential of your program? Ashley Srokosz believes that with the right upfront work and proper preparation, you can position your business so every program launch achieves your desired financial target. Ashley believes in a systematic approach that is clear on what direction you need to take, and that this due diligence is what sets apart those who are able to achieve a full-time income from their business and those who are not. Whether you are brand new to launching a program or have fallen short in achieving your sales targets when launching a program to your community, Ashley’s simple methodical approach will help you understand what needs to take place in your business before you launch.

In this session, Ashley shares her exact formula and tangible advice to understand how you can meet your financial targets during your launches. By using simple math, Ashley helps provide a clear starting point to take your earning potential to the next level and understand exactly where to place your efforts. We learn how to understand what direction to place your efforts in order to be set up for a successful program launch.

What We Covered

  • The two things you need to start with before you launch your program

  • Exactly how many email subscribers you need to make $10,000 during your launch

  • How to determine if you need to raise your prices in order to achieve your financial targets

  • The ultimate question you need to answer to have a 5 figure launch

Implement Ashley’s Strategies in Practice Better

Ashley’s strategy to meet your financial goals when launching a program requires you to prepare upfront. This ensures that when you do go to market, all the right pieces are in place to achieve success. In addition to actually running your program within Practice Better, much of the initial prep work can be supported within the Practice Better platform.

  • Set Your Income Goal
    When setting your income goal, it’s important to consider what your current starting point is. How far or close are you to the goal you are hoping to achieve? If you’ve run a group program before, what were you able to accomplish during your last launch? The Payment History Report within Practice Better can quickly pull up all payments made within a given time period so you are able to understand where you stand in relation to your goals.

  • Review Your Pricing
    Once you have determined your financial goal for your program launch, you are then able to see how many sales you need to achieve by using Ashley’s simple math formula. As you work through this exercise, you may realize that where you currently stand is a far cry from where you are hoping to go. If this is the case, it may be worth it to review the pricing you’ve set for your program and any other services you are offering to see if you can lessen the gap between where you are currently and the number you need to achieve your goals. Practice Better makes it easy to adjust the price associated with your programs and offerings at any time. If raising prices, you may opt to include a payment plan to break the larger payment into installments so the investment is more attainable for more people.

  • Share with Your Audience
    Ashley talks about the importance of ensuring you are marketing to a qualified audience, not just your social media following who may not be exactly your ideal client. Your current list of past and present clients are already qualified and have proven they are interested in who you are and what you do! Share your new offering with as many past and current clients as you like right within the Practice Better platform by setting up a tag to organize those you’d like to promote your program to and sending a broadcast message. As Ashley mentions, you won’t know your conversion rate until launching. However, by communicating to an audience who already understands the value you provide, you may be more likely to achieve a higher conversion rate, making your financial target that much more attainable.

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About Ashley

Ashley Srokosz is a former Registered Holistic Nutritionist turned marketing expert. She knows how to build a business in multiple ways after serving dozens of one-on-one health clients, generating thousands of dollars through her online courses, and growing a network marketing business to 6,500+ customers and multiple 6-figures.

Ashley’s taught hundreds of tech-shabby entrepreneurs how to brand their business and build their own websites, and in her group program Audience Authority, she teaches overwhelmed solopreneurs how to master timeless marketing strategies to grow their audience so they can finally make a full-time income. She firmly believes in setting up systems to grow your business and sell on autopilot, and that you don’t need to be a tech guru to do just that, you just have to know where to start.

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