Integrating Services with Your Website

Online booking is rapidly becoming a standard option for consumers. With the undeniable growth of online commerce, it is easy to understand that consumers expect to have instant access to products and services.

Many practitioners and clinics have acknowledged this growing trend and responded by adding an online booking platform onto their website. By doing this, not only are they fulfilling client/consumer needs but they realize that offering an online booking option also helps them reach a wider audience and grow their customer base. Integrating a booking calendar onto your website or sales page gives you the opportunity to advertise your services and close the sale in the same place in real-time, by allowing your clients to book or purchase your service immediately after learning about it.

Practice Better allows you to seamlessly integrate your booking calendars and widgets on your webpage. If you would like to add a “Book Now” button on your sales page, opt to add a direct link to your service(s); if you want to keep your clients on the same page, opt to use a calendar widget to your website.

If you have specific services that you would like to share on your website, such as a free introductory call, meal planning or personalized coaching, you can do this by integrating a direct link or booking widget for that specific service.

If you have more than one service that you would like to share on your website, you can create a custom Bookings Page and arrange how you’d like your services and packages to be displayed. Practice Better provides you with a direct booking links for your Bookings Pages to make it easy for you to share all, or some, of your services on your website for new and potential clients to book.

All bookings that are requested from your Practice Better booking calendars can also be synced to your Google Calendar to make managing your personal and work schedules easier than ever.

To learn more about creating custom Bookings Pages, click here!

Invoicing Clients Upon Booking

Scheduling a session doesn’t have to end once the time and date have been selected, you may also want to charge clients at the time of booking. If you wish to collect credit card information, full payments or deposits on your website, Practice Better booking calendars also gives you this option. This will allow your client to learn about, book, and purchase your service all in one place for a seamless client experience.

Initial Consultation

To learn more about payment options, click here.



Collecting Additional Information At Booking

Practice Better online booking also allows you to add forms and waivers to your booking process. Adding short forms to your booking process is a great tool dietitians use as well as nutrition professionals to screen your potential clients while engaging them with thoughtful questions. This creates a new level of efficiency for your practice, helps you collect useful information about your client and shows your clients that you are serious and interested in helping them reach their personal health goals.

To learn more about adding forms to your booking page, click here.

Including your services on your website has many benefits to your practice. Our booking features make scheduling easy for you to manage clients and patients and gives new and existing clients the power to reach out and book the services that they feel they need, when they need them. The simplest and most effective way to gain a wider client base and book more online appointments is by placing a “Book Now” button on your website. Practice Better’s online booking feature is a tool that you can use to market your services, manage scheduling, collect payments, collect invaluable client data and keep electronic health records all with one secure EHR solution.

To learn more about linking your services to your website, click here.


Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians and wellness professionals. Sign up for free today.


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