Optimizing Your Team’s Scheduling And Calendar

Managing your team’s scheduling is an important piece of optimizing how you and your team work together as well as how you’ll work with clients. Our customizable Bookings Pages and unified calendar will help you do just that, in a fraction of the time. Let’s take a closer look.

Team Bookings Pages 

Extend your team’s collaborative approach online by customizing your team’s Bookings Page. Your Bookings Page is an opportunity to market your organization’s holistic and diverse offerings to potential and existing clients.

Your Bookings Page(s) can include a combination of services, packages, and programs offered by your team. Clients can schedule appointments and purchase packages based on the service that they need or the specific practitioner that they would like to work with.


When creating your team’s Bookings Page(s), you can limit the team members and their specific services and/or packages that you want to share online. If your team offers shared services, clients can also choose to work with a specific practitioner or any practitioner that’s available for that service:


Create multiple Bookings Pages for your team and use tags to limit which groups of clients can see specific Bookings Pages directly from their Client Portal. This can be extremely helpful if particular services are most pertinent to specific groups of clients.

Setting up your team’s Bookings Page(s) gives clients the flexibility to choose the right service for them from the practitioners available while allowing you and your team the control over when and what they schedule.

To learn more about creating a team booking page, click here.

Unified Calendar/ Team Calendar Views

Use Practice Better’s unified calendar to share permissions with team members to view each other’s upcoming sessions, availability, and schedules at a glance. This feature will allow you to customize your calendar management flow based on the needs of your practice.

Team owners can adjust individual user permissions to allow each team member no access, limited access or full access to view and/or modify (create/cancel/update scheduled sessions) their team member’s calendars.

To learn more about managing team roles and permissions, click here.



View an individual practitioner’s calendar or view the entire team’s upcoming schedule from one unified calendar. When viewing multiple calendars, choose from our 1-day or 3-day view as shown below:



You and your team can easily manage your own or entire team’s bookings, schedule, availability, holidays and breaks. Coupled with setting up a customized Bookings Page, you’ll be saving yourselves hours of work and improving the overall client experience.

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians and wellness professionals. Sign up for free today.

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