Organize Your Clients With Tags

Whether you are working with 2 clients, 20, or 200+ you will likely find yourself trying to organize your client list. Tags are a great way to organize your client list and optimize how you communicate with client groups. 

Creating tags allows you to organize clients into active and inactive. This is helpful because it allows you to quickly view the different client groups that you’re working with from your My Clients page. 

Organize Your Clients with tags 1
If you are running multiple programs, tags work to quickly differentiate between the different programs and which clients are participating in them.

Organize Your Clients with Tags 2

You can manually add a tag on clients from your My Clients page, or you can create an automation to apply certain tags when a client books/purchases a certain service/package/program, or when they complete a form. Using automations saves you time from manually adding each tag and gives you the confidence that your clients will be properly organized.

For example, you can create an automation to set the tag Detox Program on each client that registers for your Detox Program. 

Organize Your Clients with Tags 3

When tags are used to organize your clients there are also various actions you can conduct based on tagged categories.

The contact information can be exported for clients as a whole or part of specific tags.

 If you ever need the email address of all your active clients, you can specify which tag to export clients from. This allows you to get the email addresses of the clients you need, rather than your whole client list. 

Tags can be used to easily create group chats or send broadcast messages.

This is useful if you need to send a message to a group of clients. For example, if you want to send your program participants a message, you can select their tag instead of manually adding each client to the message. 

Tags can be used to restrict the permission of admin users to specific client groups.

If you are on our Plus plan and have added an admin user, you can give them access to clients with specific tags. This allows you to control what your admin can see, without giving them access to your entire client list. 

We hope you found this helpful! Please check out our Help Center for more resources.  


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