The Benefits of Using Video Content In Your Business

Video content is becoming more and more popular in the health and wellness space, and for good reason! Using video as a medium is beneficial not only to support greater client outcomes but contributes to the efficacy of your marketing/sales and thus the growth of your business.

Video can be used as content in your paid offerings but is also a great option when you are building community and relationships with prospective clients.

In this blog, we’re going to share why it’s beneficial to use video content, as well as where and how you can utilize it in your health and wellness business. Let’s start with the why!

Client Engagement

As a health and wellness professional, client engagement is likely always top of mind. In order to actually help your clients, they need to be engaged in the work you’re doing together. Video content is excellent to support client engagement because it is more likely to keep their attention and interest versus other types of content such as written documents. Video is also a medium that speaks to a variety of different learning styles which contributes to greater engagement across all of your clients and prospective clients.

Easy to Consume

Video content is easy to consume because it can be watched or listened to in a variety of settings. Even if clients are on the go, they can tune into the audio portion of the video using a mobile device. With video, they also likely have the ability to pause, skip ahead or go back to a certain section of the video which helps reinforce their engagement with the content.

Builds the Know, Like, and Trust Factor 

When clients or prospective clients see and hear from you, you’re naturally building a stronger relationship with them. They are able to get to know your personality and are more likely to see you as an expert they can trust. This is an essential component to not only being able to help your paying clients but support your marketing & sales process with prospective clients or new leads. That takes us to the next point…

Supports Business Growth

Using video content as part of your marketing and sales strategy helps support conversions. According to HubSpot, using a video on your sales landing page increases conversions by 80%. Video also comes into play before you even start selling your services. Precision Marketing Group shares that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. This means that the chance of getting your content in front of new eyes goes way up when you choose a video format.

Now that we’ve shared some of the benefits, let’s dive into where and how you can use video content in your business.

Paid Offerings

Using video in your paid offerings can be a great way to boost engagement and accessibility of your content, ensuring that your clients actually take away all the value that you intended for them.

Video content can be used in group programs, courses, memberships, and even with one-on-one clients. Here are a few examples of where you could integrate video content into your paid offerings:

  1. Membership program which includes meal plans and recipes. You could consider pre-recording cooking demo videos for each recipe or even offer a live monthly demo for all of your members. This format could be used for any educational content.

  2. Fixed-date coaching program with weekly live group calls. You could consider recording those calls and including the replays inside of the program for those who couldn’t make it live, or those who want to refer back to the content later.

  3. One-on-one package with foundational learning videos. You could include all educational videos in an organized resource library for your clients to go through on their own time, ensuring your one-on-one time together is spent on coaching instead of educating them on basic concepts.

Free Content

Utilizing video is a great option when offering free content as it allows you to add a lot of value for leads or prospective clients. Through video, you can build a sense of trust and engagement with your community as well as support your sales conversions in a significant way.

Video can be integrated into offerings like lead magnets or free challenges, in your newsletter or landing pages, or on social media. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. Free 5-day mindfulness challenge with daily meditations. Your daily meditations could be done live as a group call or could be included as pre-recorded videos that each challenge member receives over the five days.

  2. Monthly hot-seat coaching on social media. This could be done via Instagram or Facebook Live and allows your followers to join and receive a bit of coaching from you on the spot. This is great because it gives them insight into your style as a coach or practitioner and highlights the value that you offer, making them more likely to convert into paying clients.

  3. Free cooking demo download as a lead magnet on your website. A lead magnet is a piece of free content that you provide to your community in exchange for their email address. It should provide them with value related to your niche or area of expertise and be a stepping stone towards your paid offerings.

Implement in Practice Better

As we’ve shared above, utilizing video in both your free and paid offerings can be beneficial for you and your clients/prospective clients.

In Practice Better, you can easily integrate video into any group or one-on-one services.

Our Program features allow you to include video content in many different types of offerings such as fixed-date group programs, memberships, free challenges, or content libraries. If you are sharing recommendations with one-on-one clients, you can easily include a video in their protocol or add it to their document folder.

Use our built-in Telehealth feature for any live one-on-one sessions, and our Zoom integration to run and record video sessions with groups.

Better Business Conversations 

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Video Duration: Approx. 30 minutes

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